Mooncup (Women)


EUCF 2023 - Wroclaw roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
2Béatrice Lefebvre7167
5Lisa Lateur7145
6Manon Glorieux7022
10Noémie Dekoninck7448
11Maïwenn Le Duc742125
13Eva Bornot7151025
15Julia Harris771118
18Lison Bornot710010
21Nadège Hombergen7426
23Perrine Dehaspe74711
24Coline Chartrain7213
28Aeris Raymaekers7202
30Madeleine Koechlin7459
34Charlotte Advielle7314
47Sara Rahali7617
48Zoé Moskwiak7011
68Maria Belpaire7516
74Anabel Boissonneault7202
78Charlotte Terrasson7437
80Hawa Diop7088
95Salomé Raulet712214

EUCF 2023 - Wroclaw:

Division: Women

Flame 5 - 15 Mooncup  Game play
Mooncup 15 - 12 Troubles Warsaw  Game play
YAKA 12 - 11 Mooncup  Game play
Mooncup 15 - 6 3SB - women WPQ 2  Game play
Shout 13 - 10 Mooncup  Game play
Iceni 7 - 15 Mooncup  Game play
East Block 11 - 12 Mooncup  Game play

Game history

Seagulls - Mooncup7 - 13EUCR-C Open+Women - Gent: Bracket 1-4
Tequila Boom Boom - Mooncup11 - 15EUCR-C Open+Women - Gent: Bracket 1-4 Finals
FABulous - Mooncup7 - 14EUCR-C Open+Women - Gent: Pool B
Mooncup - Heidees Frauen15 - 13EUCR-C Open+Women - Gent: Pool B
Tequila Boom Boom - Mooncup8 - 12EUCR-C Open+Women - Gent: Pool B

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Troubles Warsaw2222210
3SB - women2233212
Shout2223211We think we both improved the way we communicate during the game and you managed to keep the focus during a few tense moments, good self-control!
Iceni2222210Thank you for the game. We felt like the physicality in the reset space could have resulted in some dangerous outcomes, like when your players collided. This is something to be aware of in future :) thanks
East Block2222311

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Troubles Warsaw1232210
3SB - women2233212
Shout121217Communication : we stay with the feeling that we had no room to give our opinion, in your way to talk and your body language. As you said you are sure so you want to close it quickly and didn't want to take our opinion into account. Fairmindedness : some calls gave us the impression to be more in the favour of your game than in the respect of what happened on the field. Thanks for the though game, if you want to discuss about it, we're open to do so.
East Block2223211