JinX (Women)


EUCF 2023 - Wroclaw roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
2Annika Prien3123
5Neslihan Anik6123
7Sarah Eklund691120
14Simona Lieberth6639
17Anna Gerner616723
24Sophie Rumpelt6213
25Marie Mückstein6167
26Emily Berman Zukowski6156
28Frederike Wagener610818
29Greta Melega66612
30Lena von Stebut6224
32Oda Homlong64913
40Maria Tereshina6022
45Hannah Schrempf6033
47Fenja Gewitsch6909
55Rosa Herkens66713
62Leonie Jasper6347
75Flora Scala65510
84Meret Trapp6101

EUCF 2023 - Wroclaw:

Division: Women

Jetset LUV 0 - 15 JinX  Game play
JinX 15 - 13 3SB - women  Game play
JinX 15 - 11 Dublin Gravity  Game play
JinX 15 - 12 box vienna  Game play
JinX 15 - 12 Troubles Warsaw  Game play
JinX 7 - 15 Shout  Game play

Game history

3SB - women - JinX9 - 15Elite Invite 2023 - BERN: Bracket 1-8
Yaka - JinX15 - 5Elite Invite 2023 - BERN: Bracket 1-8 Finals
Seagulls - JinX8 - 12Elite Invite 2023 - BERN: Bracket 1-8 Semifinals
Bristol Women - JinX6 - 15Elite Invite 2023 - BERN: Pool B
JinX - FABulous15 - 6Elite Invite 2023 - BERN: Pool B
JinX - Yaka12 - 11Elite Invite 2023 - BERN: Pool B

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Jetset LUV2223211
3SB - women2223312
Dublin Gravity2322211
box vienna122218rules: we often had the feeling that calls from your side were made to stop the game, mostly to your advantage, and communication: during discussions too many people got involved and while discussing we had the feeling that you tried to play out your experience in convincing us of your POV
Troubles Warsaw2223211

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Jetset LUV2223312
3SB - women2232211
Dublin Gravity2233212
box vienna2223211
Troubles Warsaw2233313Especially for a semi-final, we felt the fair-mindedness and calm communication during calls were great. Good luck for your last game!