Iceni (Women)

 Great Britain

EUCF 2023 - Wroclaw roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
0Hannah Thompson2000
2Hannah Boddy77714
3Hannah Smith710414
7Gabrielle Perl75712
8Hayley Dalmon73811
10Sarah Hills7358
11Katharine Rowland6000
13Bailey Melvin-Tang7336
17Cat Pope7123
18Hannah Leong75611
19Tessa Jalink7257
27Kim Marsh7033
31Gráinne McCarthy7314
37Eleanor Taylor7336
54Fiona Kwan7101020
57Lucy Barnes7819
69Anna Anossovitch7235
72Madeleine-Rose Leong47411
83Megan Brass7134
85Hannah Louise Whitehead4336
87Fi Chang7224

EUCF 2023 - Wroclaw:

Division: Women

Spice Ultimate 5 - 15 Iceni  Game play
Iceni 13 - 11 box vienna  Game play
Shout 15 - 12 Iceni  Game play
Iceni 14 - 9 Bristol WPQ 3  Game play
YAKA 14 - 5 Iceni  Game play
Iceni 7 - 15 Mooncup  Game play
box vienna 12 - 14 Iceni  Game play

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Spice Ultimate2232211
box vienna2232211
Shout2232211We appreciate your fair approach to the game, you also retracted a few calls trusting our point of view. Thanks!
box vienna2232211

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Spice Ultimate2232312Thanks for a really enjoyable game! We thought your spirit was excellent. We will come over to chat a bit more about our travel calls. But a great game, thanks :-)
box vienna2222210Thanks for a brill game! Stall counts were a bit fast but other than that we were happy. Thanks for being a lovely friendly team to play.
Shout2322211Thanks for a great game. We really appreciated how you avoided contact even though it was such a closely contested game.
Bristol221229We appreciated the open comms throughout the game and the general positivity of your team! The 1 for fair-mindedness was because we felt that some of your players were quick to disagree on calls without listening to our POV. But this wasn’t the whole team and thanks for the game.
Mooncup2222210Thank you for the game. We felt like the physicality in the reset space could have resulted in some dangerous outcomes, like when your players collided. This is something to be aware of in future :) thanks
box vienna2222210Thanks for the game!