Tchac (Open)


EUCF 2023 - Wroclaw roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
2Paul Benvegnen7191029
6Nemo Courtil7617
7Jean-Sébastien Guillou7325
9Benjamin BROUSSARD7224
10Loris Petiteau7224
13Vincent Abita721012
23Mathieu Bosser7131326
25Nathan Russe7011
26Arthur Hebreteau7257
27Axel Roger710010
42Marco Delalle791423
45Maleaume Voirnesson7011
49Léo Cheret7000
50Nicolas Perret7011
62Quentin Moneuse710818
71Sullivan Roblet7000
80Elliot Bonnet741519
90Robin Dounont7101
91Thybaud Brazeau76511

EUCF 2023 - Wroclaw:

Division: Open

Tchac 14 - 15 Panthers Wrocław  Game play
Ranelagh 14 - 13 Tchac  Game play
Bristol Open 11 - 15 Tchac OX3  Game play
Clapham Ultimate 15 - 10 Tchac  Game play
Tchac 15 - 12 3SB - Open  Game play
Tchac 13 - 15 Ranelagh  Game play
Cotarica Grandes 15 - 12 Tchac  Game play

Game history

Tchac - Alligators15 - 8EUCR-S Open - Bern: Placement Games
Solebang - Tchac8 - 15EUCR-S Open - Bern: Pool C
Tchac - Cotarica Grandes13 - 12EUCR-S Open - Bern: Pool C
Tchac - Cus Padova Barbastreji15 - 10EUCR-S Open - Bern: Pool C
Panthers Bern - Tchac11 - 14EUCR-S Open - Bern: PPool E
Tchac - Flying Angels Bern12 - 13EUCR-S Open - Bern: PPool E

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Panthers Wrocław2222210
Bristol Open2223312
Clapham Ultimate2222311
3SB - Open2223211
Cotarica Grandes2222311

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Panthers Wrocław222129
Bristol Open2323212
Clapham Ultimate2322312
3SB - Open2232312
Cotarica Grandes2122310