Chevron Action Flash (Open)

 Great Britain

EUCF 2023 - Wroclaw roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
1Josh Kyme7538
2Steve Dixon7235
3Cam Weir731316
6Tom Martin-Hall7202
7Ben Burak6224
8Josh Hanham7314
9Dan Harrison7011
9Elliott Parnell4000
15Tom Hodgett78412
16Ethan Morrell722628
17Thomas Oliver7224
18Declan Cartwright7134
20Seb Hart7314
22Robbie Haines7459
26Andrew Sweetnam751015
27Mark Penny7213
29Luke Attwell7000
36Andrew Turner7033
37Matt Beavan7202
38Callum Spiers7235
47Rowan Thompson7112
49Rollo Sax-Dixon7011
51Steve Kolthammer7628
55Sam Criddle76612
64Rhodri Williams73710
72Seb Allen7178
88Jose Luis Espinosa Mendoza7213

EUCF 2023 - Wroclaw:

Division: Open

FWD>> 9 - 15 Chevron Action Flash  Game play
Chevron Action Flash 8 - 14 Gentle Open  Game play
Chevron Action Flash 15 - 10 Panthers Bern OX4  Game play
Cotarica Grandes 11 - 13 Chevron Action Flash  Game play
Mooncatchers 15 - 8 Chevron Action Flash  Game play
Chevron Action Flash 15 - 12 Alba  Game play
Chevron Action Flash 14 - 15 Wall City  Game play

Game history

Chevron Action Flash - Clapham11 - 15Elite Invite 2023 - BERN: Bracket 1-8
3SB - Open - Chevron Action Flash14 - 11Elite Invite 2023 - BERN: Bracket 1-8 Finals
Chevron Action Flash - Heidees15 - 6Elite Invite 2023 - BERN: Bracket 1-8 Semifinals
Chevron Action Flash - 3SB - Open14 - 15Elite Invite 2023 - BERN: Pool A
Chevron Action Flash - Ranelagh12 - 13Elite Invite 2023 - BERN: Pool A
Heidees - Chevron Action Flash12 - 14Elite Invite 2023 - BERN: Pool A

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Gentle Open2332212
Panthers Bern222129
Cotarica Grandes221229
Mooncatchers2232312Great game guys, and congrats again on the UKU title !
Wall City2232211

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
FWD>>2223211Really enjoyed the game. Thanks. Good luck.
Gentle Open212128You played really well - best team we have played this year. We spoke about the contact, we also marked you down for attitude and self control because lots of our players had mixed experiences with players on your team. Some were great. Others showed a little less respect.
Panthers Bern2222210Thank you for the game. Good luck
Cotarica Grandes221128While the second half was much better. We have marked you down because we had to have a conversation about calls and the language your players used towards our player.
Mooncatchers2222311Really good game. Good luck.
Alba2222311Really good game. And an improvement on our previous games. Good luck.
Wall City2223211Great last game. Thanks.